Thursday, November 27, 2014

Find Differences 2015

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Can you spot the differences between 2 similar pictures? Compare the images and test your powers of observation.
Fight against the clock or relax and find the diffs at your own pace, without a timer.  

✓ Single mode and Multiplayer mode: you can play with your friend,child...
✓ 5 hidden objects or modifications per picture.
✓ Lots of fun for kids and for adults.
✓ Innovative types of differences.
✓ Challenging but not frustratingly hard. Difficult but fair photo hunt.
✓ Beautiful, stylish graphics.
✓ Varied, colorful pictures and soothing music.
✓ High quality HD photos, optimized for tablets with high resolution.
✓ Variety of Images
✓ Safe, optimistic images suitable for children of all ages.
✓ Completely free! No In-App Purchases - everything unlocked from the start.
✓ Responsive, precise controls.
✓ Hint system - 5 free hint for you
✓ You can choose level had played  

A great relaxing brain teaser puzzle, best played whenever you need a quick distraction. Improve your skills and exercise your brain. Boost your (or your child's) IQ and hand-eye coordination.

Lots of different levels, often updates and ability to download new levels right from the game will NOT let you to get bored!  

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