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Realprofitshare -

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Real Profit Share was worked out by the group of successful FOREX traders, active on financial markets since more than six years. Our expertise and experience give us confidence in our future trading performance, and allow us to attract new investors in order to fully realize the current market potential.
Security of funds is ensured by the largest retail forex dealer in the world, FXCM. The company boasts over 50,000 clients who collectively place over $ 10.5 billion in trades per month.


Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan $10 - $99 5.00

everyhourpaid -

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Welcome to EHP, i cannot garantee you will never lose money here,
but i can garantee that most of you goes in profit, if not you will for sure never lose your full investment.
EHP is NOT managed by a group of Forex traders or something like that but ONLY by me.
EHP is a Round based HYIP, and pay out 80% of deposits.
In the infobox you can see the % of deposit/withraw to have a live status of the round.
If we reach 80% in withdraw, i stop to withdraw and start a new round.
This is the 1 Round, we start with 80%. If EHP runs well it can go higher for sure!
1% Hourly for 120 hours = 120% - 5 Days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%)
Let's go $10 - $5,000 1.00
Advanced $5,001 - $100,000 1.10

invshare ltd -

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Established in the year 2002, Alpha Capital Forex has grown from a humble business to a strong forex trading company boasting of 35 highly-skilled Traders. It is this enviable history of growth that not only gives us confidence on our ability to grow further, but also that of our investors to grow. After all, the only way to guarantee our growth is to ensure that investor grow first and this is the reason why we genuinely care about investors and their investment.

Once you sign up with us and complete the registration process, we’ll guide you through the process of investing in currency trading, in a way that guarantees your growth. We also provide you with a variety of useful tools that are designed to help you asses the progress of your investment.


1 year 2.4% daily
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $0 - $100 2.20
Plan 2 $101 - $1,000 2.30
Plan 3 $1,001 and more 2.40

Onedollarinvest -

The OneDollarInvest Inc is an investment company founded in August 2011; it is especially for poor people and it is big opportunity to invest their money in international investment program. It is starting from $1 and as well as withdrawal amount is $1. All the payments made through Liberty Reserve. We are using your money for online buying / selling. You can earn a lot of profit with us through your small investment. For promoters, we are giving very attractive profit 5% for their marketing services. We are not a ponzi scheme because we do not relay on new investors to pay our members.

After 1 Day - 105%
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
After 1 Day $1 and more 105.00

topinvestclub -

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The Top Invest Club is private alternative investments adviser and diversified portfolio management specialist, offering assets and capital management plans to its clients.
Top 1 - 105% - 130% after 1 day
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $500 105.00
Plan 2 $501 - $1,000 107.00
Plan 3 $1,001 - $2,000 110.00
Plan 4 $2,001 - $5,000 115.00
Plan 5 $5,001 - $20,000 122.00
Plan 6 $20,001 - $100,000 130.00
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globeonads -

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Sasearnings -

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WelOur company is a result of successful work of 18 people who started to work on the forex market eight years ago. We have linked our endeavour so we could trade on Forex more productively. Our main goal is to raise our trading budget for obtaining more profit for us and our investors with as little risk involved as possible, This program is a real investment, which returns are all generated from real-life investments.

The money you invest is re-invested for you and it is your invested money that will bring you the big returns. After years of professional trading we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to bring a new reliable investment opportunity.

Our people place hundreds of trading orders every business day and company receives stable hourly profit from these activities. Our team is focused on attaining consistent returns on our client's investments. This is done through having a strategic and balanced plan for all capitals. Among the companies of size worldwide, very few present worthwhile investment opportunities when measured against this demanding criterion. Long-term research shows that the companies that can deliver such above-average share price returns over the medium-to-long term, have one overriding characteristic. the ability to sustain above-average earnings growth.
Up to 114% after 1 day
Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1 - $120 110.00
Plan 2 $121 - $1,200 112.00
Plan 3 $1,201 - $20,000 114.00

Blue-world-pays -

Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.
Blue World Pays is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.

Plan Spent Amount ($) Hourly Profit (%)
110% $1 - $1,000 110.00

Natey -

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The field of N A T E Y investment trading has been well-recognized as one of the most advanced trading technologies, owing to its uniqueness of consistency. The idea of nano trading offers setups that are consistent for a market across all markets environments. In the art of nano trading, unlike the usual trading practices, our expert team commands the software on just one market, but requests the software to do massive algorithmic crunching against each price movement. N A T E Y investment trading is not about high frequency trading, yet it still needs a massive amount of processing power, custom software and low latency to succeed, and that is exactly what our company has developed after thorough research over the past years. We have spent considerable amount of time in developing custom software which will help us do nano trading, thereby providing our clients with the most consistent and lucrative trading business. The increased volatility of nano trading does not alter a N A T E Y investment-Trading system, it only provides more setups.


128% after 1 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1 - $300 105.00
Plan 2 $301 - $500 107.00
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 110.00
Plan 4 $1,001 - $5,000 115.00
Plan 5 $5,001 - $10,000 128.00 -

Agrolife88 is a company engaged in the distribution of agricultural investments and all derivative products such as vegetables, fruits and others. Agrolife88 have experienced in their field for many years (we set agrolife88 in 2004). Our investment program of distribution patterns for the results you will receive a report every week. Average profit sharing can be calculated 0.5% up to 2% per day of the amount of investment you give. We will refund the initial capital that you provide to us within 100 - 150 days with a daily withdrawal benefit.

Plans: Seed
Min $15.00 - Max $350.00
Percentage: 0.35 % - Days: 100 Days
Principal back: Yes

Plans: Cultivation
Min: $351.00 - Max: $1000.00
Percentage: 0.50 % - Days: 100 Days
Principal back: Yes

X-money -

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X-Money is a strong team of traders that deal mainly with the FOREX market for three years. Making profits from HYIP and/or FOREX market is quite risky and for this task skilled professionals have to deal with the trading. Our main aim is to provide you with an investment opportunity that is as much safe as possible.


1.3% daily for 10 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $1 - $100 1.30
Calculate your profit >>

1,5% daily for 30 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10 - $250 1.50
Calculate your profit >>

2% daily for 60 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $50 - $1,000 2.00
Calculate your profit >>

2.5% daily for 90 days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $100 - $3,000 2.50
Calculate your profit >>

moneyandcredit -

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Our team consists of skilled specialists with tremendous experiences in various investing products and online business. MONEY & CREDIT UK LIMITED is the program created for those who want to benefit from HYIP industry, but do not have enough time or economic education.
By combining different philosophies and approaches, and investing in various markets and portfolios, we have maximized profits and minimized risks successfully. Profits from these investments are rolled back into our program to provide long-term growth, stability, and profit for all members.


Cash-age -

AVITA Trade Investment, LTD, is a Cayman offshore based company founded in June 2010. Cayman Islands offer several advantages like unique combination of stability, innovative legislation, commercial strength, Government support, and the absence of corporate, capital gains, income, payroll and withholding taxes, on domestic or foreign entities.

125 % after 1 day
Plan Spent Amount Profit
Plan 1 $10 - $100 104.00%
Plan 2 $101 - $500 106.00%
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 110.00%
Plan 4 $1,001 - $5,000 120.00%
Plan 5 $5,001 - $50,000 125.00%

200% after 3 day
Plan Spent Amount Profit
Plan 1 $10 - $100 115.00%
Plan 2 $101 - $500 125.00%
Plan 3 $501 - $1,000 145.00%
Plan 4 $1,001 - $5,000 165.00%
Plan 5 $5,001 - $50,000 200.00%

Monday, December 31, 2012

Buxsense -

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Willsads -


The ‘get paid to’ program your way!

Create your member account and enter a new world of online earning possibilities.

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Vobux -

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Tendollars2surf -

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Hourlyextra -

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Dear users, Welcome to Investment Company Hourly Extra. If you are looking for an additional regular income, then you found it. Work with us and earn an income. You only need to invest a certain amount of money under a certain percentage, and a day later you already feel the taste of profit. Your money will grow in the currency market (Forex). Our experts have many years of studying the market and around 2-3 years of successful trading on it.
8.75% Hourly For 12 Hours; 17.5% Hourly For 6 Hours more......