Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Founded in 2002 and a public company since 2007, EurexTrade is the diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries focused and engaged primarily in Forex trading as well as activities utilizing Eurex platform, a major futures and options exchange for European benchmark derivatives featuring open and low-cost electronic access globally. EurexTrade company is serving private and institutional investors, as well as a number of pension funds. Company has over 4 billion in combined assets under management and it is best known for its strategic growth investments using proprietary micro-hedging (TM) technology.

EurexTrade Advantages At A Glance:

- Request Invested Principal Amount at Any Time
- Profits Paid Daily Guaranteed
- Up to 2.9% Daily Investor's Share Earnings
- Variety of Payment Options
- Order Debit Card to Withdraw Profits
- Encrypted Data Protection
- Transparent Trading Reports
- DdoS Protected Servers
- Knowledgeable Dedicated Customer Support

Date : 2011-28-02 18:14:58
From/To Account : U6635275 (EurexTrade)
Amount : -100.00
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 56235239
Memo : Account Deposit 100USD


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