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Welcome to the leading private investment company of World Fund Inc where we are committed to providing superior investment returns for our clients and ensure all your investments are in the best hands. World Fund Inc was founded by Jason J.Bruce and a group of expertise in year 1999 mainly focused on Gold, Silver, Bond, Stock trading and Forex.

He has started his investment industry work since year 1995. Prior to 1995, Mr Jason J.Bruce spent 25 years as financial executive in a well-known bank in New York City.

Mr Jason believed that it is important for individuals to make plans for a better future especially retirement. Most individuals today are not doing enough to ensure that they will have the means to retire comfortably. World Fund have a committed team that can help our clients' retire at ease and comfortably. We understand the importance of wealth preservation for the future. Each plan should ensure that a secured income is available once a client reaches retirement.

Why choose to invest with us?

We are the world's leading investment company with a strong and supported strategy, convincing balance sheet and well-invested business model we are well-placed to take advantage of the long-term investment strategy and opportunity. Image

Selecting an investment manager is an important decision for investors. World Fund Inc provide the trained and skilled private manager for client’s to consult and seek advice from to meeting the needs .All our recommendations have the client’s interest at heart, and the advice given on solid principles without bias.

Our funds are managed by a highly qualified and experienced team of investment professionals, committed to providing superior investment returns. Our focus on succession planning and on-going professional education ensures that the expertise that our clients rely on will be maintained over the long term. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethic

We're client-owned. Helping our investors achieve their goals is literally our sole reason for existence. With no other parties to answer to and therefore no conflicting loyalties, we make every decision—like keeping investing costs as low as possible—with only your needs in mind.


Description : Interest send to your account daily for life, as long as your deposit with us. Principal can withdraw after 365 days.
Minimum : 10.00
Maximum : 250000.00
Percent : 1.00


Description : Interest send to your account daily for 360 days. Principal return at the end of 360 days. Compounding option available.
Minimum : 3000.00
Maximum : 25000.00
Percent : 1.50


Description : Interest send to your account daily for 360 days. Principal not return.
Minimum : 10000.00
Maximum : 50000.00
Percent : 3.00

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