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This program is a global leader in online profit sharing and advertising, we provide you an easy, fun and simple way to make money on the internet with the benefit of being able to showcase other of your products and services on our advertising platform. Earning with is easy for just about anyone, whether as an internet business master or a newbie trying hard to make your first dollar online, we sure have a profit and lasting offer for you. All members enjoy from our exclusive advertising and daily profit sharing system that make it easy for them to build a full time, high paying online business.

Our Major Features

Advertisement Campaigns Benefits

Simply joining Lightraffic gives you the opportunity to display selected ads from our expanding database that are relevant to your industry and website theme. We promote our program massively and you stand the benefit of been seen by our constant expanding database hence increasing notability and sales of your product and services. .

You never know until you join, take a step further by joining NOW


We offer our customers two profitable sharing plans, which pays 2.5% - 5% daily profits.

Our Plans
Plan duration Daily Interest Rate Referral Principal Withdrawal Min Deposit Max Deposit
60 Calendar Days 2.5% Daily 5% Returned Daily $10 $50000
Plan duration Daily Interest Rate Referral Principal Withdrawal Min Deposit Max Deposit
30 Calendar Days 5% Daily 5% Not - Returned Daily $10 $50000

Terms and condition

Please read our terms and condition carefully before making use of our website.

Referral plan

We offer 5% referral commission for every investment made by client’s referred person.

Customer Support Zone

Our 24/7 support personnel’s are always online to answer your arising questions.

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