Thursday, December 27, 2012

Forex TMS Trust Management Services - fxtms -

About company:

«Forex TMS» – is a new way of investment of money into short-time exchange transactions on Forex market. This service relieves you of the need to make you familiar with profession of trader and spend time and strength on trade. Thanks to the usage of the latest computer program, the whole process of trade with your money is entrusted to the group of traders.
1. Company today
Forex TMS is a new format of the financial service in the international market, where the professional approach to the Forex trade which is directed to the maximum increase of the client’s capital is realized. Our investment service will help you to find the best way to achieve your financial goals.
2. A minimum risk
A competent investor always tries to gather a team of several traders. Normally this does not succeed, with a small amount of money. However, several hundreds of professional traders work in Forex TMS, and you can safely invest your capital, and insurance of deposits in the amount of up to $25,000 will provide you a guarantee and reliability
3. Successful strategies:
Learn the currency market? Not to make your own mistakes, trust your account masters, who have already confirmed their qualification. People sell, not robots... and we minimized the automatic trading. Our investment strategies are based on the solution of professional traders. The masters ((traders)) take independent decisions, and only some of them use the automatic trading system.
Our mission is to develop wellbeing of clients.
We help our clients achieve success thanks to the new system of trade on Forex market.
You relax, and your money works. Any person who decides to trade on the Forex market himself always wants to get the maximum income at a minimum of losses. For the decision of this problem it is required constant and intense work. But not all investors have enough time for it; as a result, if they try to trade in the shortest possible time, without analyzing seriously all changes on the market, they often suffer losses. In addition, to trade in the market on your own, it is important to know certain features and to be able to feel the forthcoming changes in many situations to make the right decision at logic or at an intuitive level. The quality of the investor acquires as a result of serious work experience, many transactions successful and unsuccessful. Thanks to the new system, a whole group of professional traders disposes your money, what reduces the risks to a minimum. They take the difficult decisions, and you can passively watch capitalization.

Min. deposit:
Payment systems: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney

  • Web Server SSL, Thawte
  • DDoS protection «D» , Koddos
  • Dedicated Server
  • Unique script
  • 24/7 Support

Investment Plans:
1 day:
0.5% -- $10 - $499
1.2% -- $500 - $999
1.8% -- от $1000

10 days:
1.0% -- $10 - $499
1.8% -- $500 - $999
2.8% -- от $1000

30 days:
1.2% -- $10 - $499
2.0% -- $500 - $999
3.0% -- от $1000

100 days:
2.0% -- $10 - $499
3.0% -- $500 - $999
4.0% -- от $1000

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